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RoundTower Solutions and Expertise

AWS DevOps Solutions

Flexible solutions that enable businesses to build and deliver products using AWS and DevOps practices quickly.

The Right Solution

RoundTower takes a prescriptive approach with our clients to understand their business goals and objectives before developing a roadmap of iterative changes for continuous improvement and acceleration of building and delivering software. In addition, we are focused on helping clients develop new and modern cloud-native application architectures along with their ability to scale and secure these workloads in multi-cloud environments. 

Continuous Deployment 

From gathering requirements, to automating your software build, deploy and test. We focus on the SDLC and how to optimize and speed up the process and tools. AWS CodeDeploy (used in combination with AWS CodeCommit and AWS CodePipeline) provide an enterprise-ready Continuous Deployment experience.

Infrastructure as Code

Providing elastic capabilities to automatically burst infrastructure as capacity needs change. We recommend AWS CloudFormation for these use cases.

Containerized Applications and
Container Orchestration

We help organizations like yours select the right orchestration platform based on business needs and application workloads. Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes along with Amazon Elastic Container Registry provides a turn-key experience for running containerized applications at scale.

Why DevOps?

DevOps is a combination of people, process, tools, and culture aimed to combine traditional software Development and Operations with a focus on providing greater business value.

Why DevOps by RoundTower

For large enterprises, implementing DevOps can be hard. From our perspective, the primary difficulty is in how you frame the conversation. Because DevOps transformations involve changes to many different parts of the enterprise, executives and managers often paralyze because they have no comprehensive framework to contextualize the changes that are required. Often leading to an exaggerated or inappropriate perception of the risk of change, resulting in no change at all.

To facilitate the discussion and adoption of DevOps in the enterprise, a comprehensive framework is required to empower executives and managers to not only understand the changes that are necessary, but manage change risk. Put simply, we need a roadmap that can guide organizations in the incremental adoption of DevOps.


Four Core Values of DevOps

Four elements make up the core values of DevOps: Culture, Automation, Measurement, and Sharing. A fully matured DevOps strategy will collectively address the dynamics between these four key attributes to increase agility and lower time to value.


Organization and Process

DevOps is mostly about breaking down barriers between teams, shortening feedback loops and practicing blamelessness


Build, Test, Deploy, and Operate

The most visible aspect of DevOps, it drives productivity gains but also prevents defects, creates consistency and enables self-service


Visible Metrics & KPIs

Data should be transparent and easily visualized to enable objective, blameless decisions for the purpose of continuous improvement


Cross Team Collaboration

The sharing of tools, lessons learned and discoveries enables organizations to collaborate, eliminate waste and harnesses the power of scale

The Hierarchy of Needs for DevOps Maturity

The Hierarchy of Needs for DevOps Maturity

Traditional IT teams are organized around specific technologies. The processes that link these teams are slow and lack automation. 

This structure is not well suited to modern business environments where time-to-market and efficiency are critical. RoundTower’s approach to DevOps adoption is holistic; taking into account not only the business climate and objectives but the processes, skillsets, and technologies required to meet those objectives.

The Impact of DevOps Maturity on Velocity

At the highest levels of maturity IT will begin to deliver new value to the business faster than the business will request, driving innovation.

The Impact of DevOps Maturity on Velocity
  1. 1

    Time To Value

    The time it takes IT to respond to and fulfill a business request.

  2. 2

    Immediate Value

    IT delivers value to the business at the time of the request

  3. 3


    IT creates value for the business before it is requested.


RoundTower Engagement Methodology

The right solution and implementation for your needs

RoundTower Engagement Methodology

RoundTower engagements are intended to be hands-on, advisory, pair-programming, etc., based on customer requests.

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