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Breakfast Bytes


Roundtable Discussions




June 26 - 8:30am EST


Breakfast Bytes is a series of virtual small-group discussions designed to stimulate IT leaders with a digestible portion of useful information and insight. These quick-hit sessions allow you to stay up to date on important trends, success strategies, and the impact of technology on business with a minimal time commitment. Each session includes 2-3 topics for discussion, curated by business impact specialists. Keeping your busy schedule in mind, breakfast is provided to ensure we're fueling both your mind and your body.   

Next Generation Networking Security: 
Managed Networking and SD-WAN 

40% of corporations will adopt an SD-WAN solution this year. While it’s nice to have insight into the priorities of your peers, choosing the right solution to drive your business outcomes can be daunting. An expanded and at-home workforce taxes your network and poses data security issues that can leave your intellectual property dangerously unprotected. Ensure your network performance and reliability is maintained around the clock! 

Turn your camera on for this discussion if your organization: 
- Runs business-critical, cloud-based applications and tools 
- Contains distributed organizations and/or multiple remote offices 
- Requires faster connectivity to deliver digital voice and video services
- Seeks improved performance for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications  

Join the discussion and register to participate in a roundtable. In consideration for your time, we'll send an electronic gift card for meal delivery.  

Friday, June 26
8:30am: Welcome
8:35am: Opening Comments
8:45am: Topics for Discussion
9:25am: Conclusion