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Emerging from Dell Technologies World 2018

Las Vegas, the convention and gambling utopia, made host to another great Dell Technologies World. Showcasing enterprise blockchain, AR/VR, AI, and IoT solutions!
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What’s New with Dell EMC VxBlock

Dell EMC is filling in the potholes between VxBlock models for a smoother transition and scale-out strategy also allowing it to play nice with other storage arrays.
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Has the time finally come for Dell to deliver on their claims? The “dust has settled” from the Dell and EMC merger and now we're seeing the fruits of their labors as they steer the six headed monster that is now Dell Technologies into the limelight.
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Microsoft’s Serverless Glue: Azure Functions

Combining Events ( ⚡) and Code (</>) is the story behind Azure Function’s purpose and logo. Similar to AWS Lambda or Google Cloud
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Deploying VMC on AWS

Jump start your journey to the cloud in less than 2hrs! Follow along as we take a look at setting up and configuring a VMware on AWS Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) along with creating a VPC, so native AWS applications can communicate directly with the VMC deployment.
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6 Things You Might Have Missed...Last Week!

Take a 10min journey with me, as we jump into the deep end of the tech spectrum. Reviewing some of most absurd and fascinating headlines from last week.
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What You Need To Know About Ransomware

By now you must have heard about malware's evil twin brother, ransomware. Read on to learn more about ransomware and how you can protect yourself.
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VMware IT: Our Journey to a Private Cloud

How a private cloud can improve IT flexibility and agility
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Accelerating Business Transformation

Here’s a prediction for 2018: Business will continue to get more complicated and every enterprise or government agency will have competitors investing in
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