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Realize What Your Business Can Do

DELL/EMC offers an almost endless list of solutions & products. Their portfolio, now more robust than ever, can be intimidating to even experienced IT leadership.
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World of Transformation

We are living in a world of transformation. Life today is certainly much more exposed, but this is only one small effect of progress. The world we live in now is nothing like when I grew up in rural Ohio.
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Dell EMC World Advantages

Let's review a few of the advantages for attending Dell EMC World. This massive gathering of IT professionals affords an unparalleled opportunity.
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How EMC is Helping Dell Evolve

Is EMC transforming Dell? Since the acquisition of EMC, Dell Technologies now has a major presence in corporate IT beyond laptop/desktop and servers.
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The Hidden Value of Dell EMC World

You might think the value of this conference comes from the numerous sponsors, keynotes, guru sessions, or amazing breakouts. Yet, the most valuable memories...
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What you need to know about Dell EMC's New Integrated Data Protection Appliance

While at the Dell EMC World conference, the announcement that I found most interesting was around the new Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA).
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Removing the Barriers to HCI

What's holding you back from modernizing your infrastructure? Is it the risk of a new operating model or cost? What if we could take cost out of the equation?
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Glimpse into the Future: Unity and X2

Dell EMC World was flush with new information and exciting announcements! The most exciting news for me revolved around two product lines: Unity & XtremIO. Let's break down the highlights.
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Tape Sucks! Move on . . .  and Snap to it!

Why are you still using tape? Simply stated, the enemy is long term retention, but the next-gen of disk based data protection offers a new solution- CloudTier.
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