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More from Dell Technologies World 2018

Dell Technologies World through the eyes of an EMC World veteran. Is it really worth going anymore? Can the Dell and EMC portfolio really harmonize?
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Data Protection in 2018

Aside from storage, data protection is typically the second largest, and in some years the largest focus at EMC World. This usually means major announcements. This year however, there were no major announcements to speak of.
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Emerging from Dell Technologies World 2018

Las Vegas, the convention and gambling utopia, made host to another great Dell Technologies World. Showcasing enterprise blockchain, AR/VR, AI, and IoT solutions!
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What’s New with Dell EMC VxBlock

Dell EMC is filling in the potholes between VxBlock models for a smoother transition and scale-out strategy also allowing it to play nice with other storage arrays.
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Has the time finally come for Dell to deliver on their claims? The “dust has settled” from the Dell and EMC merger and now we're seeing the fruits of their labors as they steer the six headed monster that is now Dell Technologies into the limelight.
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